Apm 2.8 flight controller

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I have apm 2.8 flight controller and with it, can I have altitude settings autotune in flight mode?
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I’m not sure what you mean by “altitude settings Autotune in flight mode” The last firmware to support that obsolete board does not support AutoTune as a Flight Mode. You have to configure a CH7_OPT or CH8_OPT for Autotune (17) and configure a switch on your transmitter to activate it.

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Can I set specific locations and altitude in autotune flight mode via apm 2.6 or 2.8?

without using a remote

I think you are confusing the auto mode which enables autonomous flight and auto tune which enables the tuning of flight characteristics. Yes the APM 2.8 can do both.

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Thanks for answer @mike
How do I adjust the height setting at the specified position in the autonomous flight mode I want to learn

You need to study the auto mode because there are a whole set of commands needed to specify and control an auto flight.

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Good catch by Mike! Start here, there are links to setting up a mission. And “Auto” is a Flight Mode.

Are you saying you don’t have a Transmitter (remote) at all?

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Thanks @dkemxr
Can I set the height automatically in wp3 whenever I want?

I don’t understand your question. The altitude for each waypoint (wp3?) is configured in the mission plan.

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Ok I understand.

As Dave pointed out there are differences between the old APM 2.8 and the newer flight controllers. At Arducopter version 3.2.1 the APM was listed as obsolete. It does not have enough resources to use any of the newer versions of Arducopter. So be aware that as you read about Arducopter there are features that can not run on the APM 2.8. The APM 2.8 is a perfectly good flight controller if you are aware of it’s limits.

So would you suggest a boarding pass that can manage these controls? Thanks

Example pixhawk vs.

There are many choices:

@dkemxr thank you for helping