Apm 2.8 doesn't want to fly

Hello, a long time ago I got a drone built on apm 2.8 as a gift. After 2 years of lying down, I wanted to fly this drone, unfortunately, after doing all the necessary calibrations, the drone does not want to lift into the air even by a centimeter. I am sure that the propellers, motors etc. are appropriate because the drone was flying quite briskly. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? The calibrations I have made;
esc.I will add that I fly on 2 3S packages connected in parallel, each 2200mah 30C. Motors are dji 2212 / 920KV, propellers 9450, ESC 30A. I have run out of ideas what could be wrong and I have been working on it for 2 weeks. Below I am attaching a file and photos with a full list of parameters.1.param (5.0 KB)

I solved that issue with myself yesterday only.

Turn on your controller. Keep the left joystick on top.
Coneecf the battery
Would beep a few times.

Unplug the battery, plug it in again wait for 30 seconds.
Now get the left joystick down
.you’ll hear a few beeps . Post that take your left joystick a bit up and see

I have done this before, but unfortunately nothing has changed :frowning:

Perform ESC calibration also tell us what exactly happens with the drone when you try to takeoff?