APM 2.8 and ublox gps with compass(problem in calibrating compass)

i have searched many threads and i am really frustrated. any help will be appreciated.
i am using an apm 2.8 and an external GPS with compass(ublox).i had no problems with uploading the firmware and accel calibration. but in compass i selectected apm with external compass option and i have checked the externally mounted option under (#compass).i clicked live calibration and a dialog box appears with three images which are the axis. now , when i rotate my apm, no points are got as sample. it simply displays
"got +0 samples
compass 1 error:99."
NOTE: i have removed the jumper from the apm as i am using an external compass and gps

i have connected the 5 pin plug from the gps module to the gps socket and 4 pin plug(two are active) to the socket below gps.( i have not used i2c)

and also , in apm , the blue and green led’s are solid but red and yellow led’s are blinking.

in gps with compass module, red led is solid and green led is blinking.

sorry for my bad ENGLISH and THANKS in advance.

Glade you found the right place to post this. I hope there is still some users that still use APM that can help I never have it just seems wrong using old code to me

The socket below the Gps is still a Gps socket but with a different connector.

You have to connect the compass with 4 pin connector to the I2C connector or it will never work.

That’s not true for the APM 2.8 Your illustration shows a 2.6. . The socket below the GPS connector is the correct one to use for the compass.
Like this:

  1. APM 2.8 has compass connection right under the GPS
  2. Jumper just near the GPS connection should be removed fully
  3. You may have to take older version of Mission Planner to configure compass. The latest version doesn’t support all GPS external compass calibration. for me missionplanner 1.3.50 worked fine, so try to calibrate with different software versions