APJ tools for custom parameters

hi there all, i am trying to use APJ tools as per the instructions https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/apjtools-intro.html to customize the copter firmware to save the default parameters to the custom ones i use so each time i load the firmware i have the parameters as well, however when i execute the command in python i receive an this error: ERROR: LENGTH 17395 LARGER THAN MAX 8192 i have searched various places on how to increase the limit but failed i have tried this on windows 10 command and mac osx using teminal, any help will be appreciated.


Any solution for increasing this size restraint?

Would you mind sharing the parameter files you are trying to use with this tool?

I bet you are uploading a bunch of parameters that actually at the default value. What you want to do is only include the parameters that are NOT the default. There isn’t enough storage in the system to set each parameter away from the default.

What I was trying to do is just save the param file from mission planner from a known configuration (so it would include every parameter). It would be easier to do this rather than to through and determine which parameters I actually changed and were no longer at their default. I’m just curious what imposes this 8192 size limit and if there is a way to increase it so I can just upload all parameters upon flashing the firmware.