Anyone use Blue Robotics Fathom X/Raspberry PI Tethered on a Crawler?

I recently purchased a small round tire inspection bot from Superdroidrobots, and it came with a Saber tooth motor controller which worked well. I installed my Spektrum RC/TX and it was good to go.


My plan is to install the Fathom X advanced electronics package in the bot (which I already purchased and includes a Raspberry PI & Pixhawk) so that I can tether it with a cat 5 cable for the video output which works very well, and control the bot with a xbox 360 or other device.

I can connect all of the Fathom X hardware but I’m lost when it comes to figuring out some basic wiring and getting power to the motors, so if you have experience with this or something similar I would appreciate it if you could lend some expertise.

Just found out that Ardusub program won’t work with the crawler so I have to install the rover software.

The photo is a basic plan I have so far

Do I need to hook up the motor leads to a terminal block?


Hi there, have you been able to resolve your problems/questions?

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