Anyone knows if have another rangerfinder connect to companion computer. can I feed the data to ardupilot?

I have an additional range finder connected to my companion computer. I like to feed the range data to ardupilot. Either using mavlink or any other methods. Anyone has any idea how?

You can use pymavlink to do this, look at this example

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Thanks, that is what I am looking for

The scripts works perfectly. Only seems to have a bug.
For orientation, it seems only MAV_SENSOR_ROTATION_PITCH_270 works.
I tried other orientation doesn’t work at all.

There seems to have a typo on mavlink common Messages (common) · MAVLink Developer Guide It stated forward is pitch 180.

But strangely on Ardupilot in parameters settings for rangefinder. The orientation it stated 0:Forward.

Range finder only work for looking down, for the other orientation you can use the RADAR screen with proximity mode.

Check how I didi it here using I2C TFMINI:

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Thanks for the information. My lidar works great now.

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