Any stabilized mode with GPS lock - huge servo outputs

I’m getting an issue preparing to launch where the servo outputs are wild. As soon as I get GPS lock the plane becomes very sensitive to movement resulting in a few degrees of roll applying maximum control surface deflection.

Sometimes it calms down for 10 seconds then randomly outputs huge deflections again.

I’ve recalibrated both the flight board and compass.

Any ideas where I should look in the logs for info?

Matek f765 wing
Matek GPS Module & Compass M8Q-5883 module

I suspect after checking the logs I have issues with my GPS/Compass due to receiving the following error:

“Test: Compass = FAIL - Large change in mag_field (93.55%)
Max mag field length (633.36) > recommended (550.00)”

I’ve ordered a replacement GPS/Compass combo.

My question is, why would this cause the servos to become very sensitive and output large deflections? Just trying to understand this so I can better debug in the future.

Thanks in advance for any help

If those messages came from Auto Analysis it may not mean anything. That feature is long out of date.

They did indeed, @dkemxr can you recommend a better tool or method for determining issues?

Open the log with Mission Planner and use it’s full analysis tools.

This thread and the video might be helpful for log analysis.

Fantastic, I found the YouTube recording and have started watching.

I love how active and willingly helpful this community is, it’s very encouraging for a newbie like myself.

Thank you again guys