Any reliable quality battery brands around?

Bought a cheap 4S 6a lip battery. Problem is first charge the battery are not balanced. Power seems to suffer.
Any reliable battery brand that I can buy for drone?

Tattu are decent and are available in large capacities.

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Yes I seems to see this brand alot. Unfortunately they do not have my size, What they have are like for FPV high in discharge rate. I prefer not to parallel battery stacks.

I’ve had good experiences with the Turnigy Graphene Professional through Hobbyking.
Used 3S, 4S and 6S ones, all performed as good or better than expected compared to “ordinary” batteries we had been using before.


Thanks. Checking this out, they have alot of sizes to choose from.

What size are you looking for? Tattu has a lot of options so I am surprised you can’t find what you need in their lineup.

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I found what I need but its for FPV batteries or rover batteries. High discharge rates. Its ok i will try it.

I’ve been partial to Zeee brand and have had no negative experiences with them. Turnigy Graphene seem comparably priced.

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