Any GPS modules which are support for IRNSS(Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System)

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Is any IRSS(Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) Support GPS modules are there in the market. if Yes, give me a list of those GPS modules.

Thank you

And why are you not able to search for those modules yourself?


@count74 Thank you sir.
I was searched. I need ardupilot computable one.

If the module uses NMEA sentences and has a UART port, it should be compatible.


@SWARNA_MOHAN_CHANDRA if you do end up finding something that works, I’d be very interested to test it out as well! Good luck

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@count74 Thank you Sir.

Hi @rishabsingh3003 Sir,
I will inform you about my searching.

@rishabsingh3003 @count74 Sir can we use the below GPS module for our ardupilot?

The description says the module uses NMEA and has a UART. This should qualify the GNSS module to work with ardupilot. Since I never used it and it is not mentioned in the ardupilot documentation, I can not confirm that it really works. You will have to try for yourself, or wait if someone else has used this module successfully with ardupilot.


@count74 ok sir thank you.

Have ever tested this gps unit by any chance ? Whether it’s working with ardupilot ?

No, i am not tested up to now


how did it go, im trying to do the same

Hello, Im interested in Navic Integration with Ardupilot Flight Stack. Anyone here who has tested INrss and Navic with Ardupilot

I have tried with arducopter 4.1.5 with NMEA sentence gps protocol.but I ended up with prearm :GPS is not healthy
This is the thread I have created

@SWARNA_MOHAN_CHANDRA Were you able to use this NavIC with ardupilot ?

@aeronuts_developer I am still finding vendors, in india.

Hi. I am also trying to integrate a NavIC to my drone. I just wanted to ask what NavIC module are you using. I am thinking of getting the Elena Geo System.

I have bought NDNU drone unit from Elena Geo Systems, it starts for the first time, but as soon as it is rebooted it show “EKF3 waiting for GPS config data” , can anyone help in resolving ?

log needed, Normal rebooting issues occur due to a bad power supply.