Any adverse effects of sending mavlink commands at a high rate?

Hi there!
We work on quadrotors research, and currently we’re using a commercial quad with ArduCopter 3.6.7 running on the Pixhawk Cube. We intend to use it for precision landing with our own custom solution, and we wanted to know if there is any optimum rate at which we should be sending commands. We’ll be sending commands over MAVROS, from a Jetson TX2. Would there be any adverse effect of sending too many commands from MAVROS? As in the control loop getting disturbed for parsing a high number of incoming commands, or there being a cap on the number of queries being processed.

Thank you!

First of, please consider updating to at least 3.6.12

And yes, please limit the rate of your messages to 10 Hz.

We can update it, but we have to seek the manufacturer’s approval. Why should we limit it to 10 Hz? What would happen at higher rates?

It might generate too much traffic and crash the copter. But try it for yourself, to be sure.

I do not understand what a sensor manufacturer has to do with your own ROS nodes.