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Antenna Tracker with PT785-S Pan & Tilt System (3.8:1)

(Marc Dornan) #1

Despite the very few examples of APM antenna trackers being used for FPV in the field I am going to make one with the Servo City PT785 (3.8:1). Has anyone else used this?

I will try to document and report back with how I am doing. If anyone else has used this admittedly rather pricey unit from Servo City please let me know how you did. After using a MFD with sloppy chattery servos I just decided to get a better unit with more torque. It looks fabulous. Let’s hope it performs well.

Also, APM AAT does not support continuous 360 yet does it? That would seem to be a good idea.

It would be nice to see more action around Antenna tracker and OSD areas of Ardupilot.

(Chad Sullivan) #2

Any word on this? Just received one, pixhawk isn’t driving any of the servos in testing. Was hoping you’d have some insight.

(Marc Dornan) #3

Chad. I have this unit working as a Pitlab AAT right now. I plan to fire up an Ardupilot AAT with the same thing and make it dual use. Not done it yet. I hope I can document some success or lack thereof soon. Sorry I cannot be of more help now.

(Asim) #4

Did you guys ever finished this?

(Frankie Fung) #5

I have the same problem that Pixhawk is not driving any servos in testing. Pls see my posting under " Testing button not working in Antenna Tracker Extended tuning page".

But when I use APM 2.6 as AT controller, it drives the servos in testing. Weird.

Any news on this issue ?