Annoying Unhealthy GPS Signal Showing in Mission Planner HUD

Hi, any pointers in trying to resolve the annoying Unhealthy GPS Signal warning?
My setup consists of the following:
Pixhawk 6C Mini
Ublox F9P GPS
Sats 30 Hdop 0.7
rtk Fixed status.
The F9P is powered from an external source rather than the FC.
Installed into a boat which performs 100% as expected and does not cause any issues other than being annoying.

The update rate of the GNSS receiver is lower than 5Hz hence the warning.

To solve it limit the number of satellite constellations so that it can update faster.

You would not have had this issue if you had used the ArduPilot methodic configurator software and followed it’s easy instructions.

Thanks for your valued comments. I’ll look into your suggestions.