Andruav registration problem

Hi everyone. When I’m trying to register at Andruav app or website I am not getting the Access Code. I tried 3 different emails several times and result is the same. I also checked the spam folders and still no result. Could you please help me with this issue?

Try this contact?

I mailed them but they did not reply yet. BTW I mean that I used 3 different emails during registration but I still could not get the Access Code. The email with the code does not come

Try the Discord Ardupilot Channel

Thank you! I’ll try it

The issue is solved. Mr Mohammed Hefny fixed it

Hello, I have the same problem, how did you solve it?

By looking 3 posts up.

same as mine?

how did you fix the issue?

I already reported to Mr Mohammed Hefny before, but there was no clear answer.

and, did you get videos from andruav? I’m still not getting videos well with andruav

I mailed him and he fixed the issue. When I did the registration my access code appeared directly in the window at the website but I did not get an email. Now everything is working. Just I cant control the aircraft using Andruav in ground station mode but everything is working through the web client including the video.