Android Ground Station running Tower with Video + Telemetry downlink

Hello everyone ,

my name is Enerik Kapllanaj , i am a beginner in FPV racing .
Started my adventure almost 8 month ago by building a custom quadcopter .
When i discovered the Ardupilot project i was really exited by the community support and the ardupilot capabilities .
Alot of time has passed since i started my project . I learned alot , it is a great experience .
I had my setbacks but still i pushed forward , also my built is staying strong and flying well.
I needed a Ground Station for my quad , i really wanted something mobile to mount on my Taranis Radio.
So i built a mobile ground station using an android phone , 5.8 GHz receiver , 915 MHz telemetry module and a USB splitter .
Attached the post you will find some pictures of the project , hope you like it .
If anyone is interested for the project i can create a github project so anyone can build it .



Looks good! I have so far only used the ROTG01/2 so very interested in this.

iteresting project.

How do you transfer video from 5.8GHz analog receiver to mobile?

Hey Phil,

i use the same module for receiving analog video signal .

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i use a usb splitter wich connect to my phone via OTG .
It gives me the opportunity to connect the telemetry and video receiver and transfer the data to Tower App

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This is still work on progress, as soon as i finish and test that everything works good .
I will create a github respiratory with all the necessary documentation to setup and build the ground station as described.



Hi @FPVEngineer,
Very interesting. There is a Chinese product T12 from Skydroid. They use the Tower app also and they stream the video also into the Tower app. I believe they use the uvc library for Andoid, maybe it will help you, because it will give you a better user experience.

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Hey @gnitzan,

Thanks for the info.
At the moment Tower v4.0 support UVC video in .
I manage to get video+telemetry from my quad at the same time .

I still need to do some more testing .
However i will keep updating this thread with the progress i make .


Unfortunately the Tower app is no longer even available in the play store, nor is anyone continuing to develop it. You may want to try Solex or QGC.

Hey @Pedals2Paddles

Yes that is true , in fact i tried tower v4.0 the latest release but unfortunately kept on crashing so i switched to SkyDroid Tower app.
This app seems to work good .
I managed to 3D print an enclosure for the system .
Here are some pictures on the progess done so far.



The case is great! Looks very clean.

What is SKyDroid Tower? I see nothing called that in the play store. The AeroHawk version is gone too.

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Thanks @Pedals2Paddles :grin:

Until now is working great .
SkyDroid Tower is a newer version of the traditional tower app .
It is mantained by the company wich has made the T12 series transmiters .
It is basically the same thing as Tower except runs very smoothly.


Great explanation @Matt_C :+1::grin:


It could be even better if they (Skydroid) released their version of tower on github.

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Yeah that would be great , although i dont seem to find any difference from the latest relase of Tower 4.0 and SkyDroid 5.9 .
The only difference i can find is the operating system .
I tried running Tower on Android 8 and as soon i started pluging in Video + Telemetry module it crashes .
Surprisingly SkyDroid did not , so i think that the only difference is the update of the build files wich include compatibility with newer versions of android.


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I run the SkyDroid Tower (I use T12) with Android 8 without a problem.

Hey @gnitzan

Yes , SkyDroid Tower works well but the original version Tower 4.0 does not unfortunately.

Actually I have spent two days trying to build the code in AndroidStudio and failed miserably :shushing_face: since I am not that familiar with Android…

Did you failed in updating the actual tower project from github ?

Yes, the project is so old and many plugins are now obsolete, so I’m kind of stuck with it. But I am still trying