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Android Ground Station running Tower with Video + Telemetry downlink

Yes, the project is so old and many plugins are now obsolete, so I’m kind of stuck with it. But I am still trying

Yeah , its been more than 3 years since the latest relase. I have some knowledge in Android Studio .
It would be quite a challenge to add support for the newer libraries.
I will also give it a try :grin: .
I like the Ardupilot project so i would be more than happy to add my contribution to the project .


Well, the gradle plugin is now 3.5.1 it will not support the compat libraries in Tower so many changes

Looking good. I hope it’s ok, I slightly modified the post so that a picture appears at the top which looks better when viewed on

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Shouldn’t they do it because they built it on an open source project?


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Yeah , i will give it a try although :grin:

Hey @rmackay9

Looks better now :+1::+1::grin:


Hello everyone,

I managed to mount the Ground Station on my Taranis .
Attached the post are some pictures of my setup , also some pictures of my build.
Hope you like it.




Hello folks ,

I know its been a long time since the last post .
I have been a bit busy with life :stuck_out_tongue:
After testing the module that i made for taranis .
I came to the conclusion that it works, but its extremely heavy when mounted as i have shown in the previous pictures.
I tried to make it lighter and more compact, so i changed the design .
I made it so it could clip in the module bay of the taranis X9D .
Just finished putting everything to place , it fits very good .

As i promised, i will put everything into a github repo so everyone who is interested can built, it has a low cost .

Attached the post are some pictures .



Dear Enerik,

very very great job!! Congratulation!

I’ve 2 questions

1 - wich type of USB splitter did you use?
2 - why Skydroid didn’t pull Skydroid Tower on GitHub? Tower is an Open Source code!


I guess they want to make money on other people work?

Hello Emanuele,

The USB splitter is just a generic one bought from aliexpress for 2$, nothing special .

Regarding tower i think that they should release the code to be public since it is an open source. I dont have any idea why they haven’t done that.


Thank you Enerik for the info on the splitter!
You are right about Skydroid Tower, but I don’t see any line of code on Github!

hello I have T10/R10 with flight controller jiyi K3-A im unable to get it working fully skytower app map is there video is there but no display gsp battery unable to on the selection keep off always at seting

hello can you help on the skydroid T10/R10 unable to see gps and battery only map is on …tq

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