Analog input gpio

I am looking for a solution to add 3 analog input such as 1-5 volts.
I was hoping i could use GPIO setting BRD_PWM_COUNT = 3 in order to have 3 PWM outputs (#9 to #11) and 3 inputs (#12 to #14)
=> i’m not sure it can work this way ?

Could anyone help me to understand how i can play with the GPIO and if so (i mean if gpio can do this) how to get the information in the software. (i’m planning to use the values on a new flight mode).

Hope my question is clear enough, if someone can help me ?

The aux outputs are just that. When Ardupilot talks about analog they mean PWM. So with BRD_PWM_Count you can choose digital on-off or pwm outputs. There are a couple of analog inputs, the 3.3V and 6.6V ADC inputs. Commonly used for airspeed sensors.

Thanks Mike, this what i was affraid of in fact what confused me is this in the manual :
Looks like GPIO 1-6 can me used as Analog input (like on a raspberry)

RNGFND_PIN: Rangefinder pin

Pin that rangefinder is connected to, analogue pins for analogue sensors, GPIO pins for PWM sensors. Set to 11 on PX4 for the analog ‘airspeed’ port. Set to 15 on the Pixhawk for the analog ‘airspeed’ port.

Values Value Meaning

-1 Not Used
11 PX4-airspeed port
15 Pixhawk-airspeed port
50 GPIO1
51 GPIO2
52 GPIO3
53 GPIO4
54 GPIO5
55 GPIO6

By the way i found there are 3x Analogue inputs (3.3V and 6.6V)
I found yje one 3.3v (one connector what about the others is this the battery current or voltage on the power connector ?

Also the sbus passthrough can be set to be used as an RSSI input instead.