Analog current with ESC Telemetry Voltage


I’m using a 4in1 Blheli_32 ESC with my ph4-mini, which supplies battery voltage information through the telemetry, but no current. For the current, there is an analog pin which I have connected to the ph4mini’s default current input on the power connector. I’m not using the pixhawk’s PDB, just a BEC for powering the board, so I don’t have any other means of supplying battery data, just the voltage through the ESC telemetry and the current in analog form.
My question is, how should I set up the battery monitor parameters so it displays the current? I tried setting the sensor pin to the current with the ESC telemetry battery monitor option, also activating battery monitor 2 with voltage pin disabled and current pin set to px4, but I still don’t get any current readout. It just stays on 0 in Mission Planner, or dashed out in QGroundcontrol.

Did you get solution?