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An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios


(Alex Apostoli) #101

Hi all,
lately I’ve been working on a version of my script for the Horus X10/X12 radio series





It’s implemented as a one time script, so when it runs all other scripts are stopped.
I choose this over a widget implementation because the latter does not allow for user interaction (by design).
My script had menus and a couple more features requiring user input such as min/max values, voltage source cycling and single to dual battery toggle so I needed a way for the user to interact with the script.

It’s an early version, performance of the HUD it’s not optimal, mostly because of the very large display, I’ll try to improve it later.

The event engine is the same as my other script so all features of the X9D version are present.

I really have to thank @Touchthebitum for beta testing out my scripts, I do not own an Horus radio so it’s only thank to him that I could verify my code on a real radio, thank you Franck!

If anybody is interested in beta testing it out please PM me, all I want in turn is some feedback :slight_smile:

(Olivier Brousse) #102

Awesome, looks fantastic Alex!

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #103

Excellent work Alex.

A great graphical work, that I’m sure will be useful to the ArduPilot user community.

ps: Now my wife will hate you, because now I want a Horus… :sunglasses::joy:

(Alex Apostoli) #104

LOL Luis, same here, I haven’t found a way to justify another radio but I’m sure I’ll come up with something :slight_smile:

(Dave) #105

Beautiful. Yes, now I want a Horus.

(Massild) #106

Good afternoon,

I would be interested in beta testing for you. I have a Horus X10S and run a pixhawk. I have used FlightDeck and a few others as well. I used to be a manager for software development group so I believe that my feedback would be valuable.

This is a great looking script.

Have a wonderful day.


(Sebastian Schürmann) #107

I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome work you did with this script. I did not try it at first, because the ardupilot wiki does not make it really obvious that anything else than a premade cable for 20$ can be used. Today I had the time to do a little bit more research. I found an unused Frsky FUL-1 adapter as mentioned in the ardupilot wiki somewhere. The wiki says you will also need a FrSky SPC cable for a complete DIY solution.
The SPC cable is nothing more than a diode on a PCB, so I thought, why not just solder a diode to the TX/RX pins of the FUL-1 and it works! Now I am going to order some MAX232 converter PCBs and diodes and try the same with them, so I can use your script with all of my vehicles.

(Alex Apostoli) #108

there’s a great post by @luisvale on how to do a DIY telemetry cable

…but I have to agree that the wiki is not very clear and needs to be improved

(Alex Apostoli) #109

Hi Michael,
your help is very much appreciated, I will have a new test version shortly.
I will PM you a download link once ready.


(Massild) #110

Looking forward to it.

(hyeon seung) #111

it’s awesome. i have x12s & r9m & r9 . can i join beta test?

(Alex Apostoli) #112

Sure @steampunk , I’ll PM you a download link when the new test version is ready.

(Alex Apostoli) #113

I received a request from Craft&Theory to change the way the altitude and vertical speed hud boxes looked in the Taranis versions of the script, the fix was kind of trivial and I must say I like it better the way it is now.

The look of the Taranis versions is now more in line with the look of the Horus version,



(Joe) #114

Are you kidding?

(Mark Brummett) #115

Yeah, I’ll bite my tongue about the way C&T has gone about their business since they started.

(Fnoop) #116

damn you @yaapu, now I have to sell everything else get a Horus!!!

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #117

Join the Club @fnoop:joy:

I guess our only solution is to DMCA everything that @yaapu develops, that will save us some anxiety…

(Alex Apostoli) #118

exploring new layouts…


both batteries reached level 1 alert


notes and questions…

  • [N] I added gps coordinates because when the script is running it’s not possible to switch to another telemetry page
  • [Q]: is the actual time next to the label flighttime misleading? Since you cannot exit from the script I imagined that it would be useful to display it

thanks for the feedback

Telemetry with Frysky Horus and Pixhawk
(Nathan E) #119

Consider using “TimeFlying” or “TimeInAir.” The global time should be elsewhere - maybe at the top center so that it’s not confused.

This is my opinion, but I would like to see a larger HUD - it’s the “primary” instrument referenced for errors. If C&T thinks you’re infringing on their rights, use a “russian” HUD where the lines move instead of the horizon. I also use the “hash” marks on the top of most HUD’s to get a fairly accurate measurement of bank angle - so if it’s easy to add them, they make it look nice.

I also don’t see a need for the frame type to be displayed - It shouldn’t be changing in flight, right?

Excellent work though! I’m excited to begin trying this out soon!

(Coby Leuschke) #120

also don’t think frame type is needed.

i prefer the compass ribbon vs compass rose.

time of day next to flight time is a bit misleading.

overall, it does look good in color.