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An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios


(Roland Mayer) #321

Have deleted all old folders and coppied the new from downloaded zip. I guess the config folder is missing.

(Alex Apostoli) #322

thanks, missed that one, I’ll fix it right away :slight_smile:

Edit: fixed


I have installed the Horus Widget Version for both my big Helis and it is working great for me.
I page between my main Widget which includes the photos of my own Helis, than the Main Yaapu Widged and the Mavlink message history Widget.
A bonus is that I get double confirmation by sound when changing any flight mode. The Horus lady (Amber-sound) tells me say Alt Hold and shortly after the Yaapu lady tells me Alt Hold. If my laptop is connected and nearby a third confirmation from a male voice.
I love it because I am not that young anymore ( 69y) and my brain needs all the help it can get.
Thank you Alex and others involved for the great Telemetry feature on the FrSky transmitters.

(Alex Apostoli) #324

Hi Fred, really glad the widget version is working for you!

BTW you’re the first to officially report success :slight_smile:



Just a note.
After I am changing a aircraft I have to turn off the Horus so the widget for that new craft will than work immediately. Without reboot the Yaapu widget is not working for the next aircraft. But that is done very quickly. Without aircraft change it is there instantly.

(Alex Apostoli) #326

…you mean that when you switch model the widget retains the info from the previous one?


It is saying NO Telemetry. Turn Horus On and Off than it is getting everything from the new aircraft. I do not see that as a problem!!

(Alex Apostoli) #328

I’ll try to reproduce the issue, it’s minor but I’m sure it can be fixed, thanks for the feedback Fred!


To make it clear. I have created the Yaapu Widget separate for each of my Helis. That is may be the reason.

(Alex Apostoli) #330

nope, that is the correct way of configuring the widget, my concern is that all widget instances, even from different models share some kind of data, I have to intercept the model change and reset it.


Alex I am sure now that yesterday when I tested the model changing I must not had everything right. Today after checking again every detail I can change models without rebooting the Horus. Sorry, it is all good now!!

(Fi156) #332

one Horus, two Copters no Issues so far with your widget. :slight_smile:

Regarding Freds issue:
I tried the following:

  • Start Horus
  • Select Model1 on Horus
  • Plug In Model1
    (Telemetry shows “disarmed”)
  • Plug out Model1
    (Horus says “telemetry lost”)
  • Select Model2 on Horus
  • Plug in Model2
    (Horus says telemetry recovered and gives me distinct failure messages for that model (Voltage too low…))

(Alex Apostoli) #333

@Fi156 thanks for testing this, looks like it works as expected.

(Alex Apostoli) #334

I did some further testing, widgets share code and some data across models, I’m working on a fix but by now to reset the widget it’s necessary to power cycle the radio, this ensures that all alarms, battery levels and telemetry status are correctely initialized for the new model.

(Igor) #335

I am happily using the script with all my quads that have pixhawks and on the biggest one I decided to add a FLVS, but the voltage doesn’t show on the screen. I only get the fs voltage, the others are zero. Am I missing something?

(Alex Apostoli) #336

Hi Igor,
the script should auto detect FLVSS provided the “Cels” sensor has been discovered so please delete all sensors and run discovery again, do you see “Cels” now?

Then on the Taranis you can toggle the voltage source by short pressing [ENTER] whilst on the Horus Widget you need to change the voltage source from the configuration menu, to enter the menu follow this guide

let me know how it goes,

one more thing, what radio are you using?


(Igor) #337

Hi Alex,

I’m using the Taranis X9D+ with OpenTx 2.2.1.
I followed your procedure and now it’s working.
Funny I didn’t come to it myself as it was so obvious. Seems years are catching me…

Big thanks!

(Colin) #338

well that was easy work’s great on X12 horus widget version and the Cube with DIY pass through

(Colin) #339

Alex i went out for a fly today the armed does not go away

(Alex Apostoli) #340

Hi Colin
ARMED goes away as soon as the timer starts.
If the timer does not start usually there are 2 causes:

  1. the sd card on the FC is too slow and the frsky telemetry is late or frozen, refer to this
  1. you disabled EKF causing the “isflying” flag to be unreliable, I have observed this with the f4light HAL for instance

What board are you using?