An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios

yes X20 works fine on 1.4.5 with this i set it up for club member that lent me X20 before I buy one
thank god he did i don’t like X20 feels like a kids toy same as X18 i would buy XE before i would get x20 or x18 :slight_smile:

RW-R9Slim+OTA-Access V1.3.2

Hi Colin, looks like you lost the widget config, looking at the screenshot I noticed you’re missing the link quality source

You could sell t-shirts with that statement printed on it.

i think it should be DID I DO THAT

Hi Colin, on my X20 version 1.4.7 works.
To recap, the debug tool shows telemetry while the widget does not, this with 1.4.7?

worked it out Frsky 1.4.7 issue on X12S

Does the telemetry script work on the RadioMaster Zorro Radio Transmitter?

Look here:
Supported Radios

Thank you, now is clear!

Im now running yappu on a 4 in 1 zorro successfully. It seems to work really well, im wondering how difficult it might be to remove some of the altitude and vertical speed data from the hud as my application is rover at the moment, im thinking of looking through the script and commenting out some sections relating to the unnecessary values, is there a better way?

Hi, yes, the proper way is designing additional right, left and center panels and add them as selectable options, if you can design the way you’d like it I can help you adding the extra panels, the script is a “framework” with a menu and multiple layouts

Good to know that the yappu is runnng well on the zorro. Also I plan to use it in a rover so removing all uncessary data will also be a great bonus.

@yaapu where i can find ver 1.9.6 for the elrs setup i am not getting any data on the telemetry screen I have also updated rc options 32+256. currently installed the 1.9.5 version I am unable to locate the new version. i have tried updating the file from beta ver 2.0 but it still shows 1.9.5

download latest version using the zip

hello good day, I’ve some F7 FC and i would like that your scripts for my taranis x9d plus… do you mind advice me if i must use F. port or S. port?

works with both so take your pick

Sounds good… i think i don’t need purchase the converter.

Hi Alex, I checked out the Git for your script and i see the separate files for the panels etc but not exactly sure where to go from there,
basically remove data relating to height and altitude from the hud to reduce confusion for the user, some people might still need the rangefinder distance but not for my application.

This is what i’m trying to do for rover FW