An Open Source Frsky Telemetry Script for the Horus X10,X12 and Taranis X9D,X9E and QX7 radios

Thanks Colin, really appreciated!

one thing i found out today is don’t update archer M+ receiver above 2.1.0
it breaks telemetry on the Archer M+
I did update Archer R8 Pro to 2.1.7 works fine

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Hi all,
I added a new right panel type for custom sensors, select “custom sensors” in the config menu for right panel.
I also added the ability to render a sensor as a gauge with min/max values (like fuel in the screenshot)


This dev version is available on github by downloading the latest repo zip of the dev branch

You need to create a new sensor configuration file dedicated to the right panel: modelname_right_sensors.lua (change modelname to reflect you actual model name).
An example of such a file is in the ZIP /HORUS/SD/SCRIPTS/YAAPU/CFG/yaapudev_right_sensor.lua

Note: user sensors rendered as gauges eat a lot of CPU so please only enable one gauge!

feedback welcome :slight_smile:

cheers Alex

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No Yaapu in X20 no party! :sweat_smile: I wait for Yaapu’s support in Ethos to buy the radio
Grazie per tutto il tuo grande lavoro.

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maybe in about 2 years when they add Lua Scripting

there’s quite some presure on the X20 team for lua support, let’s hope it will be sooner :slight_smile:

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I would like to set up the yapoo LUA script on a TX16S in order to get the telemetry data on the radio screen.
I use RC on mavlink with crossfire and I get the telemetry data on the telemetry screen of the radio but not on the Yapoo widget.
Is there something that I don’t understand?
I’m unable to solve this problem with the informations found on internet…



All good for me on 1.9.5 Dev on X12s with access with R8 pro with Frsky Gas suite

I’d like to request a script that displays a ground speed estimate. A wind speed indicator would be cool too.
Use case: we fly missions that require us to maintain a certain speed over the ground but also have to use the airspeed sensor in arduplane to accurately control the plane. I’m mainly a fixed wing guy and pitot tubes help a lot when set up correctly. I realize the library only allows one speed type but I think it can be calculated based on gps data. Thanks and great work!

@yaapu I’ve used this on the Jumper T16 and RM TX16S with no issues. I was just curious if there’s any known limitation for the X10S or X12S, i.e. memory, CPU etc… I especially like the idea of the X12S screen on top of the Tx.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rollys, no issues, actually it was developed on the X10 :slight_smile:

Answer to my own question: You can do this by enabling m2p on the left panel if using the mavtopassthrough firmware

Has anyone tried to succesfully to make YAPUU work through telemetry received via lrsexpress (rx = happymodel PP, EP2 or EP1 & tx = TX16S with lrsexpress external module) ?

I asked about that. :disappointed:

They have a Discord channel. poke them over there :slight_smile:

ExpressLRS telemetry works with Betaflight. Since Betaflight is opensource, couldn’t we copy the piece of code reading/parsing this proprietary expresslrs telemetry format to include it the yapuu lua scripts ?

Hi Hughes, it’s not proprietary, ELRS uses CRSF as telemetry protocol but they did implement only a subset of it, a minimal portion to allow betaflight to work but not ardupilot

I see, thanks for the explanation. So unfortunately we depend the fully on the ELRS developers to change their code in favor of Ardupilot.

Are there any explicit instructions on how to install on the Horus by any chance ?.


what Hours model radio ?

I’m using Horus 12s,

I installed Taapu 1.94 beta on the Tx. basically copied all the contents from the zip file Horus/SD to the SD card on the Tx.

Installed the Yaapu wizard to a blank telemetry screen. I have telemetry coming down to the Tx from Ardupilot 4.09 via DL telemetry,

The yappu wizard is not receiving any telemetry for some reason.

Not sure if i need a specific version of Ardupilot to make this work etc.

Thanks in advance Nigel.

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