Always downloading the Log analyzer

For some time now MP is downloading the Auto log analyzer before it opens a log. This is somewhat inconvenient when there is no internet connection. Is there away to prevent this?


MP only checks that there is not a newer version each time. it only downloads it when the file changes. using the last modified date on the file.

OK, but when I have no internet connection, the analyzer will not run.

I get the errors shown below.

If I click “OK” I get “Bad input File”

ill make it so it will run anyway

Thank you, it will be very helpful in the field, away from the internet.

Hello, I am getting the same behaviour while connected to the net on MP Clicking the Auto Analysis button launched the “Downloading LogAnalyzer” window. A century later I get the “Failed to download LogAnalyzer” followed by the “Bad Input File” windows.

Using the URL “” which I copied from “” I can download the zip file just fine from a browser but have no idea what to do with it.

the file you are trying to analyse is not valid at a guess. try another file

Um, this is weird. The file is good because I graphed it using “Review a log” but could not perform “Auto Analysis” last night. I just tried again right now on the same file and it worked fine. Perhaps it was some server hiccup. If interested, I am refering to the log file mentioned in this topic.

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Exactely the same problem :confused: on 1.3.50 and beta :confused:

I’m having the same problem…

It does the same for me too - downloading log analyzer every time I select it and choose a log file.
But the thing is - probably just dont use it. The value is limited and it’s been a few years since it was updated.

Use the Review a Log button and learn to check the log your self.
If you think there’s issues start your own thread, describe the issue and vehicle, and provide a link to the .bin log.

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