Altitude losing in wind

hi every one
today after autotune my copter with new motors i have a problem with my copter in the wind
when flying in wind with 20-25 km/h in loiter my copter losing its altitude till near ground and recover it
i want to make sure that my copter has no problem (i cant find any problem in log file) or my new motors cant generate enough thrust to resist against wind

my config is :
copter wight : 2700g
frame : hexa
motors : t-motor airgear 350 2213 920 kv
battery : tattu 3s 10A
propellers : t9545-A


Hi hosein_gh,

Tmotor AIR 2213 920Kv

  • Ideal for multicopters from 1200g to 1500g

According to manufacturer information.

You have that issue more when you fly to one side more than the other and when stop regain altitude?

I have this problem when my copyer is hover

Yes but my copter is hexa
Its hover at 60% throttle

Your copter is underpowered. It cannot maintain altitude when yawing or rolling.

Underpowered ? How?
Could you please explain it more?

60% throttle at hover is underpowered. As suggested to many others with similar thrust/weight ratio go to 4S power. I had a 550 size craft on 6S and would do so again if I were building another one.

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ok i misunderstand about Andras Schaffers post
your mean and Andras Schaffer is this thrust is not enough to resist against strong winds and there is no any problem with generating max thrust by motors and propellers

Under higher power demand you won’t have enough overhead for attitude control. That’s why a 2:1 thrust/weight is desired.

yes i suggested to many other but myself always flied with 60% hover throttle with this copter :sweat_smile:

yes ideal is 2:1 or less wight against thrust
ok correct me if im not true
this build will loss altitude when wind pressure is more than 2100g
calculation :
max thrust by motors X motrs count - copter wight
(800g X 6) - 2700g = 2100g

Check ThO and the Alt/DAlt in CTUN. Even with 100% throttle out it cannot maintain altitude.

yes i think there is problem with my parameters in tuning step it seems that my motors cant generate full thrust