Altitude goes crazy


Im building a test quad drone, with PixHawk 2.4.6, and I have a problem with all related with the altitude hold, li loites, poshold, althod, etc. Stabilize works ok.

I can see in the MP the altitude is too much wrong, I see the drone at 2 meters and MP is showing me -3 Meter. Never get the right altitude.

This is the flight log.

Em I missing something?


Have a look at your VIBES and especially the clipping.
This is a typical reaction you are seeing to excessive vibration and is one of the standard tests for early flights in AltHold to see if you get altitude variance.

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Vibration levels are a bit high but not terrible. It may help to set GND_EFFECT_COMP to 1. The issue could be that the vehicle’s legs are very short and the barometer is getting a lot of interference after takeoff. We have a wiki page here.

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thanks you guys, yes i have checked the vibrations, but I didnt know it can affect the baro,

I will try a antivibration bed for the pix and the gnd_efect_comp


I was have high vibration with one of my drones and it can’t hold altitude perfectly
according to wiki

Vibration levels below 30m/s/s are normally acceptable. Levels above 30m/s/s may have problems and levels above 60m/s/s nearly always have problems with position or altitude hold.

But crazy in altitude holding because of vibration is about 50cm to 1m

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Vibration doesn’t effect the barometer it effects the accelerometers. They contribute to altitude stability.

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