Altitude control in RTL

Hi all, is there a setting that will allow control of altitude while in RTL?

When we fly phantom’s we always drop throttle down to zero on the RTL leg of the mission. It saves battery and is very helpful if you are pushing your batteries to the limits.

Thank you!

Hello , once you pushed rtl switch then you lose altitude control , but you have all control like yaw , roll , pitch and change mode

And once your copter reach home position (rtl last altitude) then you move your copter respectively until land isn’t complete.
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Hi yes thank you but having control over decent rate in RTL is what I am after…

You can change rtl high on

RTL_ALT = You needed altitude when rtl is enable


RTL_CLIMB_MIN = i don’t know if anyone knows plz let me know.

Thank you , happy flying :slightly_smiling_face: