Allowed scale factor minimum too strict for RM3100?


I have seen high variation between RM3100 units on the magnetic field intensity. I have seen that the scaling factor was narrowed lately:

But soon later restriction was eased for RM3100. Only the maximum scale factor limit was changed.

I’m now facing an issue where the lower limit is too strict for RM3100.

… bad radius 394 expected 526

This would correspond to a scale factor of 0.749, which is a lot lower than the allowed 0.85. Although this specific unit gives this error message it seems to give sensible response/measurements.

I have done this testing with AC 4.0.3 and CUAV NEO v2.
I’m not able to calibrate that specific compass due the restriction and I expect that others having calibration issues with CUAV NEO V2 could be caused by the same reason.

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I would suggest that the compass scale factors are re-evaluated.
I would recommend that for RM3100 the minimum should be set to 0.70

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