Allowed angle error before stabilizing

Is there a possibility to allow some degrees of error in roll/ pitch before software starts to stabilize it?
Looking for a solution, where software feels everything is okay if the error between desired roll and roll is less than ~3 degrees. If the error gets higher that 3,1 , the autopilot reacts and stabilizes the aircraft.
PH cube is used in this project.

Looking forward for any thoughts,

What is your motivation for doing this? Are you having problems with stability?

No, the stability is perfect! I’m just improvising a conception, where I’m flying high speed with pusher prop on my aircraft. If the airspeed raises, it seems that quad is having too much trouble stabilizing the aircraft. In my opinion, when there could be a possibility to let few degrees of error between the desired and actual angle, the aircraft could be more efficient. I wouldn’t want to lower the pids, because then in hover or low speed with no pusher used, the aircraft would be uncontrollable.

I had assumed you were talking about a quadcopter, not a quadplane.
Try using parameter TRIM_PITCH_CD first; it should offset the pitch trim for plane relative to that for copter so that the copter controller will think pitch is zero when you’re flying at cruise trim.
Also make sure that Q_ASSIST_SPEED is not too high. If you are above stall speed, the quad motors should be shut down anyway since the control surfaces will be both more efficient and more effective… assuming you have control surfaces?

It’s still a quadcopter tho and no flight surfaces are used. Everything runs on arducopter software.
Just curious- why do you say control surfaces on a quadplane would be more efficient and effective than to maneuver with quad rotors?

Maybe a picture and some specs would help…