Airspeed Sensor Primary

I have a problem with my Airspeed Sensors.
At first none was recognized by the Autopilot (Pixhawk 6X), but after resetting the parameter, both Sensors could be detected.

The problem is now that :

  • both sensors share the same HW ID (see photo)
  • even if I set ARSPD_PRIMARY to 0, both sensor values are recognized, means that both sensors react to wind and the value in MP quick tab changes for both sensors

What could be the problem or is my parameter setting wrong?


MP Version 1.3.81
FW 4.3.7 Plane

No ideas anyone?
I also can just display one sensor even if the value changes for both sensors…

It is something that is invalid, same sensor with the same address on the same bus is a wrong setup.
Either change one of the sensors device address if possible or connect it to a different i2c bus (if there is one).


Seems legit.
I disconnected the second Airspeedsensor and using just one.
When I choose an other bus in the parameter list, for example 2 and change the parameter again to 1,
the Airspeedsensor won’t work any more. I tried to reboot after each change and it doesn’t help until I reset all the parameter.
Any suggestions what might go wrong?

What also confuses me is that the sensor is listed as DevType 2 in the HW list and Bus 3?