AirBot Mini Carrier Board servo rail not working

Hi Guys

I have recently purchased the Mini Carrier PCB and installed an orange flight controller on it. along with a HERE GPS 2, I have also prepared the Mini Carrier board to work with specktrum.

I am currently trying to make the servo rail to work but i’am unable to do so. I am powering the Mini Carrier board with the following power brick (link below) with an ESC connected to the other side of the power brick and plugging in the throttle port into the servo rail ( throttle output is 5v). I have also removed any pre-arm requirements in the autopilot so a safety switch is not required to pre-arm the flight controller. I am not sure what I am doing wrong for the servo rail not to work at all.

I have spend endless hours with no luck

Kindly assist me with the following

Hi Yassin, did you find the solution ?

It looks like something is not well configured in the Cube parameters.