Ailerons initial position to be climbing when plane is on catapult

I’m trying to set the initial position of the ailerons to match the set climbing pitch angle of the plane when it is on the catapult with (18 degrees of angle). But when I switch to auto or takeoff modes stabilization puts ailerons down which makes the plane initially go down then go up. Is there a way to fix it?

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Anyone able to solve this problem?


Adjust the elevator asymmetrically. Downward deviation is less, upward deviation is greater.

I was able to solve the problem. There are several parameters that control the max pitch of the plane. First you need to set PITCH_MAX to greater value like 25-30 degrees secondly in mission planner the takeoff waipoint has angle which you can set 20 or 22. These all instructions in case you set your catapult angle to be 18 and you want more up angle on takeoff

After getting a better experience in catapult launches, the best practice is to match the angle of takeoff with the angle of the catapult.