Aileron Servo's don't respond

Maidened my quadplane as a multicopter only, now trying to set up primary control surfaces to work for fixed wing flight.

Everything else responds well, have full elevator function as intended.
I have checked voltage on the servo leads as well as correct orientation. Servo’s respond when plugging them into the elevator servo output.

The output mapping is as follows:
S1 Forward Motor
S2 Elevator
S3 Aileron
S4 Aileron
S5-8 Lifting Motors 1-4

Radio has been calibrated and outputs sliders respond.

The quadplane is a conventional 4+1 layout with no rudder surface.
Tried various modes including FBWA, Stabilise and Manual.
All outputs worked on this FC on a previous model that was a vectored tilt tricopter flying wing.

Any help or fault finding direction would be greatly appreciated.
Using a Matek H743 Wing FC.

are you using dshot on your copter motors?

might help to post your current param file.

Yes I’m using dshot1200 for all motors, should that be changed?

Still very new with Ardupilot, have done many test hovers but only two forward flights. Trying to wrap my head around it.
Quadplane Param List 050521.param (23.8 KB)

Attach the parameter file and edit all that parameters text out of your post. It will prevent pages of scrolling for people trying to help :slight_smile:

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@Mike54 check for reference.
the issue is that PWM 3-6 are on a single timer group. you can‘t mix standard servo PWM and dshot within a single timer group. your board has enough ressources to rearrange the outputs accordingly.

Thanks vey much! I will regroup accordingly and report back, trust it will work. The documentation link for the specific board is very helpful, never crossed my mind to read it. Lesson learned.

Moved the outputs to the following order as per groups in documentation and suggestion. Works perfectly! Thanks for the assistance, can’t express how grateful I am that this issue has now been resolved! Been struggling for a week. Much appreciated

cheers, good to hear you got things working!

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