Aikon AK32 esc current voltage sense calibration


I’ve calibrated my 4in1 ESC according to the instructions here

The problem is the voltage jumps all over the place. From 3v to 36v while my battery is at 24v. The value I put in for measured voltage changes after I click to another tab. Is this normal? Any idea how to get it stable?


ESC in question -

There’s probably an issue with how the ESC is connected to the flight controller’s voltage and current monitoring pins. If you’re using a Pixhawk flight controller normally there’s a power module with a cable that connects to the board’s POWER port. There are other ways to get the battery voltage though including using BLHeli’s telemetry.

… so I guess the question is, how is the battery monitoring physically setup at the moment?

I have it wired to the appropriate pins on the power1 port on the cube. I used the pinout diagram in the cube specs to make sure I had everything matched up properly. Ground to ground, 5v to 5v, current and vsense.

To figure out if it’s a hardware issue or an AP config issue it might be interesting to check the voltage (with a hand held volt meter) of the pin from the ESC that is means to provide a voltage to the flight controller… and just make sure that it’s not jumping around and that it’s roughly 0V when the battery is disconnected and some other voltage (like 2V maybe) when the battery is plugged in.

Next it’s probably good to check the parameters… BATT_VOLT_PIN = 2 and BATT_CURR_PIN = 3.

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