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Is there a way to use spray mode in mission planner without having a flight controller? I just want to see if it will be a good choice for a drone. I am using misson planner 1.3.68, build 1.3.7105.26478.

Could you please explain a little more what you are trying to do?

Your request dousing make sense as a multirotor is unflyable without a Flight Controller.
The Flight Controller is what makes the magic happen.

Can you clarify what it is you want to do.

More information = better answers

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Without the flight controller, there is nothing for mission planner to communicate with.
Also, unless you use a companion computer, the flight controller is what would control the spraying functions via its outputs.

Tl;Dr - mission planner is useless without a flight controller

You can use SITL, the Software In The Loop simulator, to see what a real drone would do. This doesn’t require a flight controller. Missionplanner can be used with SITL:

I am trying to get sprayer mode to work in mission planner without having a flight controller. I want to investigate the different spray patterns it would generate. Some spray patterns are more productive than others. I have been researching spray patterns in other flight planners and have been unable to find one suitable. I don’t need to simulate the flight plan as of now. I hope this gives everyone the info they need.

Not really. Are you referring to “spray pattern” as the pattern the drone would fly? Or “spray pattern” as in the pattern/shape of the spray nozzle itself? Obviously the latter would be hardware dependant. There is no “spray pattern” generation in mission planner. However, it is capable of auto-generating survey-type flight patterns called “auto grid” with back and forth flight paths and selected distances. From there, you would also have to incorporate spray on/off at different points of the flight path from the flight planning functions in mission planner. These would be called ‘events’ and similar to triggering a camera in a surveing/mapping application.

Check here for auto grid generation and events within missions:

You can use the info in the above link for a SITL simulation.

Of course, you could always manually setup all of the way points of a grid, but that would be tedious.

Tl:Dr mission planner is not specialized at crop spraying per se, but it is very goot at generating flight paths, auto-grid and auto-grid with events