After the crash pix not running

I’m happy with the mRo products I did some early testing with the PRP and like is so far. I also like the x2.1 by the same co. Here is a link:

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Firstly our custom duty is sooo much like last time I pay 72% of accual product price and product price is nearly 18$ and I pay something 12$ more , so mro product can’t find my destination ,

Think about some 30×30 stack and pix clone avaible in my country so I think this will be my choice.

Any advice would you like tell me ? Which is batter

Maybe a Mateksys H743-Slim?

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I would 2nd that. The Mini version seems solid, I have one in a new 5”. Another guy on here put the -wing version in a larger multirotor and he likes it.