Aerobatics limp loop

I loaded up the latest master code (2022-April 2) and set up an aerobatics mission on the AeroScout which I downloaded from the ArduPilot RealFlight sim uploads by Tridge.
It tries to loop, but just can’t quite get there.
The loop is set following the video by @hwurzburg
Param2 = 10
Param3 = 120

I’m sure it’s just parameters, this plane should totally be able to do a loop.

I used the AeroScout because I have a real one and I want to try this for real.
Here is the video: Arduplane Aerobatics Aeroscout SIM loop fail - YouTube
Here’s a log (not the same flight, but even more interesting): Dropbox - 2022-04-02-LimpLoop.BIN - Simplify your life

think you are using the old example…not the one pointed to by the wiki…its fully stalled for 10sec trying to do the loop with no throttle increase as pitch increases…this is how the old example would work using new arguements

That was the key - there were two copies of plane_aerobatics.lua, one in the root of AP_scripting/examples and a second, different one under AP_scripting/examples/Aerobatics/Missions. I had used the first one, but the second one is correct. As soon as I copied the second one into my “scripts” directory, it started working.
For the Loop item (Parm 1 = 2), I had to change Parm 4 to 1 to get a loop, otherwise it was doing an Immelman (half loop).
I have to say it’s very confusing how the Param values in the waypoints map to the “arg1, arg2” values in the script.
Thanks for the help @hwurzburg !!!