Advice on new pro rig

Hi all, I have a few questions, first I am about to start a new build of an aerial photography platform, and I like the idea of an X8 configuration. Is there any proof one way or the other that says an octa or hexa config is any less likely to crash in the event of a motor failure? That I am curious about but really, in general my question is this… what are your guys opinions on which frame to start with for these known features…

  • 3 axis gimbal big enough for DSLR and possibly in the future something like a Red DSMC2
  • 32 bit Linux based autonomous flight controller
  • extra redundancies besides motors for telemetry and power
  • lots of extra space for sensors and whatever else
    *retractable landing
  • custom retractable gps

But here is the kicker I am wanting to do this all in an enclosed type frame, similar to the Aperture or the iFLY model, here are the links [1] ( 2 . I really like this style of securing the arms and cleaning up the ESC and motor wires the way that these two do. So ya what size and configuration is best for this type of set up, and does anyone know any that are similar to these two that come I can buy a bare frame of and would accommodate the listed needs?

Is this your first multi?are you aware that Red rig will be minimum 15Kg AUW…only carbon can withstand that force on enclosed(thin )frame…similar frame do exists,but its only rated for 3kg payloas and it is ridiculously expensive