Advice needed Hexo+

Advice needed
So I have come across an older Hexo+ drone. I love the looks of it so when I saw it I grabbed it. It was cheap as chips so I thought what the hell. In doing some research I have found that its running Arducopter…or a version of it. It’s a 32 bit flight controller but so far I have no idea of the firmware version. What I am wondering is, is it worth upgrading. I don’t see a USB port on it but I know thats due to it not having one plugged in. It’s an easy add.

So do I flash it with the latest and greatest or leave it.

It has WiFi, isn’t possible to power it up and use the Hexo+ App for further details? That system requires a large frame, lots of separate modules…I’m interested. Good Luck!

This is just a photo of the parts I got off the internet.
I have the actual drone, but I am curious if it can be upgraded to the latest firmware. If not, probably not the end of the world. I have figured out how to add a RC receiver to it so will make that mod.

but it would be nice to run the most up to date firmware.

I realize it’s been awhile but I’m really interested in knowing how to us a regular receiver and transmitter, if you could share that info I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s probably best to contact me at my email Thank You!!