Advance mission planning Issue

In ArduPlane SITL whenever I try advance mission planning, After land and disarmed the vehicle got stuck in Pre Arm: in landing sequence, and it not being armed again.
And it occurred only in Arduplane 4.2.2 .

Please help me out.

This might help.

Thanks @myozone for your guidance.
But this video is for Copter only. In plane params are little different than copter.

I had a similar situation.
I havenโ€™t solved it myself, but if I press the Arm button in the Mission Planner when this message is displayed, the aircraft will take off and the mission will continue, so I am using it for now.
Does this happen in version 4.1 and below?

Such problems, I have not encountered in 4.1
This only happened in 4.2.

People who interested in this, the ARMDISARM function is now 153 :slight_smile: