ADSB Orange Cube not showing traffic in Mission Planner

Hey there, I have a pixhawk orange cube that I want to install in a VTOL and I’m currently testing the ADS-B part.
In mission planner, first I select the port to COM7 Mavlink and select the baud rate to 115 as I’m using the usb cable and click to “Connect”.
Following the instructions in the manual that goes inside the box of the cube + gnss module, I have set up this parameters (I’m connecting the cube through usb cable to my pc):

SERIAL5_BAUD to 57 (it does not work either with 115)
SR0_ADSB to 2
SR1_ADSB to 2

I have nothing connected to the Cube, just the usb port with the usb cable to the pc. But I can’t see any aircraft when I am pretty sure I should since I’m comparing this with flightradar24. I can’t find the error o what I have done wrong. I hope you guys can help me.

Thank you.

pd: I have the mission planner version arduplane v4.0.7 but I’m going to do an update

75 is an invalid value for baud rate. It should be 57.

Yes sorry, I mean 57.

I suspect that it may be working and simply not close enough to air traffic to receive messages.

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@Delia In addition to it, it is better to check if in your region ADS-B Out is already mandatory for commercial aircraft. Sometimes flightradar24 can collect data from standard transponders, so your Cube will not see them.

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Yes! That was the problem, I did not know it was not that sensitive. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your response, the problem was that I hadn’t good visibility, but here ADSB-Out is mandatory, and I forgot to check that too. Thank you :slight_smile: