ADS1115 with Analog Power Module for Pixhawk 5X/6X

Pixhawk 5X and 6X flight controllers use digital power modules with I2C interface for voltage and current signals.
Due to high current/voltage requirements of my copter I cannot use power module that came with the Pixhawk 6X.
Is there any possibility to use an analog power module with ADC ADS1115 for Pixhawk 5 / 6 FC?

@rb2022 There are high voltage Digital Power Modules available on Holybro Website now.

Did you ever figure out how to get ADS1115 working with Ardupilot?

The updated for those power modules is in Master now and should be in Stable firmware soon - it’s currently going through firmware version 4.4 Beta testing. I imagine the stable version of 4.4 will be out soon.