Adjusting cruise speed

Hi Allister,
Thank you for spending time on my log. I appreciate that.

The cg of sonic model binary It’s right under beneath of the carbon rod. But I’m not really sure about that. I set auto_servo_trim on to compensate the cg. And elevator is a little up.

can you take a look of the message on the bin file that autotune rollP was finished at 0.16 and stored as 0.46. which one is right to go?

I will do Cruise mode again. as I remember, the plane is always fly little bit off course to the right side.

it is good to know a such interesting eCalc. I will look into it. yes you are right. I need efficiency flying which doesn’t matter faster or slow. The power setup are sunnysky 2212 kv1250 with 8X6 APC Propeller.

I had another flight today. the cruise speed is OK now. here is the bin file. by the way. There is disarm voice warning sometimes when the plane is in the air. but it is nothing happen actually. do you know what is it about?!Ai_XT63sPXkHxSnTtYD4o6VswskA?e=RyNEzK

Don’t over estimate the ability of the auto trim. It’s for fine tuning. You should get the C of G sorted out. The best flight controller in the world can not compensate for a plane that is out of balance.

That is probably suggesting the same about your roll set up. The aileron servos are trimmed to about 1420, so there’s a lot of roll trim in there. Either they need to be mechanically adjusted or there is an imbalance in the plane. Since you have a twin you may consider playing with the RUDD_DT_GAIN to see if that can help the aileron issue. Go in small steps and watch the trim .

This plane had multiple crash. and being repaired for times…I will check the CG and trim of aileron as well and get back to you. thank you :grinning:

I could use some help on cruise speed as well. Anyone able to provide some feedback here? Thanks