Adding more way or not?

Hello everyone today I received 2D gimble for experiment but I wanna see the board and look like crazy , it means { (SDA , SCL)(RX , TX) } i think this is a interested can I using on direct on pixhawk through this channel without giving roll pitch channel ? And I know in diptly about this topic

Old clone of Alexmo BaseCam.

Look there for some information:

Thank you sir , and now my question is can we make a follow me mode using camera (q ground control) like camera capture photos or video and just process on pi or other device and control a gimble also control copter ?

The short answer is NO, you cannot.

These older boards use the old PWM signal. I have one and I can control camera pitch with a knob on my radio (Taranis X9E). You can get a PWM from the RC receiver, or you can use an AUX port on Pixhawk.

If you really want to do cool things with a camera and gimbal then you need to take a look at a 3 axis gimbal with a STorM32 controller.

STorM32 Thread on RC Groups

Ok i fully understand, thank you sir :slight_smile: