Adding custom flight mode Qgroundcontrol

Hello everyone,

i got a custom flight mode, which runs fine in in SITL using jsbsim.
Now i would like to make it seen in QGroundcontrol to use it in a real flight. However i am not succeeding.
I already added the flight mode to the ArduPlane/Parameters.cpp as described here:

I am probably still missing something. Any hint would be highly appreciated!!!

Thanks a lot in advance and cheers!

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Flight Modes are not part of the mavlink spec they are hardcoded into ground station code. The only way to get a new flight mode into a ground station is to modify the source code for the ground station.

Thanks a lot for the fast reply!
Would you happen to know where i have to add the flight mode in the QGroundcontrol source code then? and header

Thank you so much mate!
Now it seems to be working and i can test the mode in real flight.