Adding a duplicate Auto Mode

Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing well. I just have a question on whether creating a duplicate of Auto Mode is possible in ArduCopter. I am trying to implement a new autopilot mode using mission waypoints from the GCS.

When I created a new_auto_mode, which is essentially a duplicate of Auto Mode, launching SITL returns “Mission must be singleton” panic error and exits.

I would like to use the same mission waypoints from the GCS and use that info but in new_auto_mode instead of the existing Auto Mode.

Thank you in advance for your help.



I think more info is needed. You want to upload new mission to copter ? What Ground Control Software ?

Thank you for your reply norim. I would like to create a new auto mission mode which implements a different navigation protocol to fly the wp from preferably MP. When the new mode is set I would want my copter to read in wp from AP_Mission to fly preset of wp from MP. Currently when I try to duplicate the auto mode I get a panic error saying Mission must be singleton. Any help would be appreciated.