Actual Roll and Pitch can not catch Desired Rol and Pitch

Hi! i had a bad flight recently then i checked the logs and i realized the des and act roll and pitch too much diffucult in somewhere. I thought the pid cause the this reaction but when i compare the succeessful flight parameters with the last flight i saw the there is no too much difference pid params. just ptch_rate_p 0.08 on last flight 0.04 on successful flight. can this diffrence be cause this absurd reaction really? Please, consider that it is not a mechanical problem. I’m waiting your opinion.
you can check the logs here.

nearly it reached 110 degree. Is it possible through wind or something?

Has the centre of gravity changed? An aft c of g will make it really hard for the fc to achieve desired pitch and roll

All component were fixed. I don’t think c of g has changed. Is it much altitude loss normal ?

Not in my experience, altitude is very reliable. But i use a stable well sorted plane that alredy flies will before it gets a flight controller installed