Acro mode = real FPV mode?

Hmm , recently my 4s lipo die so I’m moving on fpv (5inch). But today I wanna crash many time because my vtx is on 25mW i don’t know why switching 25mW (so I’m not completely received video feedback , when I come to home then I saw my vtx on 25mW :sweat_smile:).

My question is

  1. Can I fly acro mode with F450 ?

  2. With 9450 props also 920kv motor with 6s battery

  3. Can I switch vtx power ?

  4. Main question :- can I use completly acro mode like a real fpv quad ???

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Yes
  2. No idea if your ESC’s or Motors are 6S capable
  3. No idea what you have for a VTX
  4. Acro mode:

1 :- Are you sure sir , it feel like fpv ?

2 :- ESC are capable but motor is not when my throttle is ideal then motor little bit hot.

3 :- AKK DVR VTX (this vtx support smart audio)
(Hmm i like to switch vtx power by any radio switch using any channel)

4 :- sir firstly i ready this page also watch video after put my questions here :smile:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

The whole point of ardupilot is stabilisation and automation.
If you just want it to ‘feel like fpv’ then you just need manual flight with no overrides and zero latency so you can fly through windows and between tree branches right? So forget about ardupilot and j just put an rc reciever in it?

Yeah , that’s right.

Is not a rc plan , it is a quad copter (I’m not understand your this mean)

Recent crash my F7 is burn out there so now I have only pixhawk and I know there is acro mode available so my question put here “can pixhawk feel like same fpv movement”?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

You can’t fly a multirotor with just a receiver. “Acro” mode in Betaflight, which is the default mode until it’s overridden by another flight mode, uses the Gyro’s for Rate control. If by “manual” you mean no loop control, there is no such mode. Ardcopter Acro mode is similar.

  1. It feels like a Rate controlled mode.
  2. Replace the motors.
  3. This is not currently possible with current Ardupilot although there is one gentleman who has customized the firmware for this.
  4. I would suggest reading the ArduPilot Wiki before asking the question.

I know sir but I don’t have any fpv board right now and my last fc is burn out when is dropped.

Means I don’t understand what are you say :sweat_smile:

Hmm sir my 2 6s lipo convert into 3 4s lipo so don’t worry :smile:

Who is a great gentlemen :yum:

I always do that.

My today’s flight is awesome. It’s pretty similar to betaflight. There is some prop washing when I make more then 2 flips (any direction) but it’s ok I’m not tuning autotune so I guess make prop washing.

And sir can you tell me what’s happening in this flight.
This is DVR video (i added song so feel comfortable)
Also some photos of what’s wrong with my copter. :sweat_smile:

And this is log data

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: