AC 3.6.4 - Cube temp stays under 30 degr. C

I have finished a new build and noticed that the Cube Temp is not going over 30 degr.C.
( outside Temp about +5 degr.C )
no matter wich temp i choose in tuning it dont react…
any suggestions ??


AC 3.6.4, ChibiOS, Cube, Kore Carrier Board- Ver. 1.4 B

Unbenannt jkhgkjg

The heater is not that great, and it cannot deal with very cold temperatures. I recommend you set your board temp to 30C sot that way it stays constant. Otherwise insulate it.

I think the heater is dead. The temperature climbs max to 40,5 deg.C. ( slooowly ) when i have
the copter ( 19 deg.C) in my room… :frowning: i dont like to have this problem after the build is finished and maybe have to change the cube now… last 20 builds i never had this issue…

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