AC 3.6.10 and error reading SBUS


Today I update our test drone to check improvement on EKF.

HW us cube black with AC 3.6.7 and an arduino that works as converted between serial and Sbus ( serial input converted to Sbus output).

It works perfectly until I update to 3.6.10. Since now Sbus is not read correctly anymore. Pixhawk in failsafe condition. If I press reset button on arduino, random value are read on pixhawk and than stop again.

Roll back to 3.6.9 and no problem anymore.

Witch are the changes ?

Bootloader is always cubeback, not FMUv3

The change is a stricter sbus processing to detect failures in the sbus stream.
It is very likely that your arduino does not send correct sbus signal. Either stop bits or frame interval is incorrect.

There is a discussion regarding this in the 3.6.10 release thread:

thanks for the reply.

Glad that we are not the only one. Will continue on the other discussion.