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was wondering if anyone had experience / knowledge if it possible to use an aircraft successfully without any ailerons as a VTOL aircraft ?
As we all currently feel the impacts of the pandemic on international freight, I can not get the VTOL kit delivered I wanted for many months. As a consequence I’ve decided to convert an old RC motor plane with about 2m wingspan. However, it never had any ailerons but was flying fine as a regular RC aircraft.
Any thoughts ?
…don’t want to spend many hours converting the thing only to find it destroyed after the first flight attempt.

I am new to this forum but am a licensed drone pilot and have been flying DJI products for past 10 years. I am now wanting to fly the VTOL aircraft and looking at the Nimbus but need some type of one on one instruction as I know nothing about Ardupilot software. I am seeking anyone who is willing to work with me if possible one on one to fly this machine! I do not mind paying for training but dont want to crash a high dollar toy…Interested in waypoint flying automated flights.

You might want to consider posting your request in the Nimbus thread.

Good luck.

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I am in the process of constructing a VTOL delta plane. The plane is already existing so its more reworking an existing delta plane for VTOL capabilities. For this reason some basics are given: It will be a Tricopter frame type with two tilting rotors and vectored yaw. Most things seems to be clear how to do it. However there is one remaining thing I’m not sure:
The specialty is, that the third rotor is on the front side. As far as I understood, the tricopter frame type always assumes it has two rotors at the front and one rear rotor.
How can I configure ardupilot to fit for this reverse tri frame?
thanks for every feedback
regards Gerd

Ailerons are required when switching from VTOL mode to airplane mode

Hello guys I’ve tried a maiden fixed wing flight from qloiter throuth the FBWA but failed three times during the transition. First one does’not reach to transition and I stopped it manually. On the second try plane start to rotate in yaw uncontrollably and the finally last try made a weird moves and when I turned back to Qloiter probably because of the batteries move inside of the plane, crash to ground. I am adding logs and videos of the transitions
. Can you help to diagnose the problem?

00000091.BIN - Google Drive, Transition .mp4 - Google Drive