About the motor setting method of the 4-motor Tailsitter;QUAD X Motor Tailsitter

I want to fly a fixed-wing structure with 4 propellers, as shown in the picture, it has no control surface, everything is controlled by 4 propellers, this aircraft is more like a quadcopter with a pair of wings.

A few of my key parameters are like this:

Then I set the output of the motor, as I understand it
41:TiltMotorsFront 45:TiltMotorsRear 46:TiltMotorRearLeft 47:TiltMotorRearRight These 4 parameters should correspond to 4 motor outputs, but from the perspective of the output PWM, it is not, there is even one parameter that is not even output. So I would like to ask, if the aircraft with this structure is used, what parameters should the corresponding 4 motors be?

wil.param (24.3 KB)